Amorphous calcium aluminate + Calcium sulphoaluminate cement = High early strength cement


Amorphous calcium aluminate + Calcium sulphoaluminate cement = High early strength cement

It is currently the most perfect solution for early-strength cement.


dated Dec. 06, 2021

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Amorphous calcium aluminate, calcium sulphoaluminate cement, early strength cement


 Amorphous calcium aluminate is based on C12A7, 12CaO·7Al2O3 as the main mineral phase. It is currently the most advanced powder accelerator in the world. Its main advantages are: super high strength, super fast setting, high impermeability, superior Low temperature construction performance, etc.

 Calcium sulphoaluminate cement is based on C3S as the main mineral phase. It has early strength, high strength, high frost resistance, corrosion resistance/high impermeability, etc.


Early-strength cement refers to the cement whose cement strength reaches 80% of the required strength within 3 days after pouring. Ordinary cement generally takes about 28 days to reach the predetermined strength.

China‘s current standards divide cement into two types: ordinary type and early strength type (R type). The 3d compressive strength of the early-strength cement can reach 50% of the 28d compressive strength; the early-strength cement of the same strength level, the 3d compressive strength can be increased by 10% to 24% compared with the ordinary type.


The effect difference between early-strength cement and ordinary cement:

1. In summer construction: Early-strength cement has a larger slump loss than ordinary cement, but it is more prone to cracks, and there is no obvious difference in setting time.

2. In winter construction: the setting time of early-strength cement is slightly faster than that of ordinary cement. If the early-strength admixture is properly added, the effect will be more obvious.

3. Therefore, apart from the big difference in the early strength of compressive and flexural strength, the difference between the two is not much different. Early-strength cement is more suitable for construction under the conditions of underground, damp, and low temperature.


Advantages of early-strength cement:

1. The early strength growth of early-strength cement will be very fast, and the later strength growth will be very high, and its permeability and frost resistance are very strong.

2. Mixed high-strength concrete, used to rescue low-temperature construction projects.

3. Suitable for low-temperature construction in winter, underground and humid conditions.


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