Brief Introduction of Concrete Synergists

Brief Introduction of Concrete Synergists

Concrete synergist, polycarboxylate superplasticizer

Concrete synergist is a new type of concrete admixture; the main component is organic matter (such as cellulose and ethylene glycol), and it is a strong dispersant; its performance advantage is that the dosage is generally 0.5 of the cementitious material, it can save about 10% of cement consumption.

Application Purpose
On the premise of reducing the amount of cementitious materials, various performance indicators of concrete can be guaranteed to a certain extent, so that the microscopic cement particles inside the concrete can be developed and utilized to the greatest extent, thereby reducing the cost of concrete.

Mechanism of Action
The current cement material particles are very fine, and there will be some cohesive particle clusters. Ordinary water reducers cannot disperse these ultra-fine particle aggregates, but concrete synergists can disperse these aggregates, thus making cement particles more fully in contact with water for increasing its reactivity. Concrete synergists can also fully activate potentially active mineral admixtures, thereby increasing the degree of hydration of cementitious materials, and achieving the purpose of increasing concrete strength or reducing cement consumption.

Compound Utility
On the basis of ensuring the strength of concrete, concrete synergists can appropriately reduce the amount of cementitious materials, and can be reasonably matched with polycarboxylate superplasticizers to ensure the working performance of concrete.
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