Brief Introduction of Magnesium OxySulfate Cement


Brief Introduction of Magnesium OxySulfate Cement


Key words

Magnesium oxysulfate cement


Magnesium oxysulfide cement is a ternary system cementitious material composed of MgOMgSO4H2O, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, fast setting, and high temperature resistance.


Key Features and Benefits

Magnesium oxysulfide cement is an air-hardening cementitious material that does not harden in water.

non-corrosive to steel

high strength

Air stability and weather resistance, magnesium oxysulfate cement is an air-hardening cementitious material, which can only continue to harden in the air, which makes it have good air stability. After the magnesium oxysulfide cement is cured, the drier the air in the environment, the more stable it will be. Tests show that the compressive and flexural strengths of magnesium oxysulfate cement products increase with age in dry air, and are very stable until the two ages.

Low burning degree and low corrosiveness

Lightweight and low density, the density of magnesium oxysulfate cement products is generally only 70% of that of ordinary Portland cement products.

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