Brief introduction of zirconia micro silica fume

Brief introduction of zirconia micro silica fume

Zirconia micro-silica, micro-silica, zirconia, ZrO2, white micro-silica, zirconium-silica micro-powder

Zirconia micro-silica, commonly known as white micro-silica, white silica fume, etc.

Production principle
The by-products produced in the process of producing fused desiliconized zirconia powder are produced by advanced technology of fused technology. The product has fine particle size, large specific surface area, good fluidity and high SiO2 content, which realizes the reuse of resources.

performance advantage
Compared with traditional gray silica fume, zirconium silica fume presents a white physical appearance, and its refractoriness is greatly improved compared with traditional micro silica fume.

Zirconium silica powder is mainly used in unshaped refractories, construction, ceramics, pigments, chemicals and other industries.

1) Cement concrete used for construction can reduce the amount of cement in the concrete, eliminate material segregation, increase the strength of concrete, enhance wear resistance and durability, and improve the corrosion resistance of steel bars, etc.;

2) In unshaped refractories, it can effectively reduce the amount of water added, has good thixotropy, and can also play a role in low-temperature bonding. It is the most ideal binder, binder, additive and performance-improving admixture;

3) Used in the amorphous castable of ladle, it can play the role of high temperature resistance and molten steel heat preservation;

3) It can be used in refractory materials such as high alumina bricks, magnesia bricks, sliding nozzle bricks, kilns and other high-temperature equipment to improve product quality and play a role that other ordinary refractory materials cannot do. 
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