Introduction of water-based mold release agent in concrete

Introduction of water-based mold release agent in concrete

Water-based mold release agent, concrete, isolation agent, demoulding agent

Concrete release agent refers to a kind of material applied to the construction formwork before the concrete pouring, so that the formwork after the pouring does not stick to the concrete surface, is not easy to remove the mold, or affect the smoothness of the concrete surface. Its main function is to form a film on the formwork and concrete surface to separate the two is also called isolation agent.

Widely used in concrete engineering prefabricated prefabricated components, Bridges, T-shaped beams and other prefabricated concrete parts formwork use, can also be used in concrete construction of various steel formwork, wood formwork, bamboo splints, plastic plate and concrete table and other formwork use.

In the process of concrete construction, the use of release agent can effectively reduce the adhesion between concrete and external formwork, improve the concrete surface honeycomb surface, Angle, cracks, and block the concrete surface rainwater, flue gas and other harmful substances, effectively protect concrete components from external physical and chemical factors of erosion.

When the water-based mold release agent is used, after the water volatilization, a dense and smooth thin film will be formed on the mold surface to isolate the concrete from the mold. High quality release agent should ensure that the film can adhere well to the mold surface, avoid shedding and damage, maintain the integrity of the film during the process, while no reaction or adhesion to the concrete surface, and can well strip the mold product during the process.

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