Introduction to semi-flexible pavement materials Semi-Flexible Pavement (SFP)

Introduction to semi-flexible pavement materials
Semi-Flexible Pavement (SFP)

Road construction materials, semi-flexible pavement, polycarboxylate superplasticizer, silica fume, calcium sulphoaluminate cement

The semi-flexible pavement is a kind of composite pavement material that combines rigidity and softness by pouring special cement-based grouting materials with high fluidity into the large-void asphalt mixture after rolling.

The semi-flexible pavement belongs to the dense-skeleton embedded structure, which is a composite of rigid cement mortar and flexible asphalt mixture skeleton. The cement mortar is filled in the pores inside the asphalt mixture, which greatly improves the resistance of the asphalt mixture under high temperature conditions.  Transition ability.

Semi-flexible pavement refers to a composite pavement formed by pouring cement mortar-based mortar materials into the large-void open-graded asphalt mixture. The large-void asphalt mixture is combined with cement paste materials to form a kind of  The dense structure of the skeleton greatly improves the bearing capacity of the road surface.  Semi-flexible pavement material takes into account the rigidity of cement concrete and the flexibility of asphalt mixture. Compared with traditional asphalt pavement, it has excellent high temperature stability and water stability, resistance to shear deformation, anti-skid and wear resistance and fatigue  The performance is also better than that of traditional asphalt pavement. The addition of cement-based inorganic materials also enhances the resistance of semi-flexible pavement to environmental factors such as acid-base corrosion and grease corrosion.

The grouting material in the semi-flexible pavement adopts cement-based grouting material, and the performance of the grouting material is improved by adding silica fume, microbeads and other materials, water reducers, retarders, fibers and other admixtures into the grouting material, thereby improving the performance of the semi-flexible pavement.  pavement performance.

The main components of semi-flexible pavement materials
Portland cement, calcium sulfoaluminate cement, microsilica fume, mineral powder, microbeads, polycarboxylate superplasticizer, retarder, polypropylene fiber, early strength agent, emulsified asphalt, rubber powder, etc. 
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