Introduction to the application of guar gum in building materials

Introduction to the application of guar gum in building materials

Guar Gum, Modified Guar Gum, Mortar, Concrete, Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum Fracturing Fluid

Modified guar gum for building materials is a non-ionic guar gum ether made from natural polymer material guar beans through a series of chemical processing, which has good thickening and water retention properties. At the same time, it has the advantages of good high temperature resistance and strong stability.

This product is mainly used in building material products such as wet-mixed mortar, dry-mixed mortar, putty powder, etc. During use, it can improve the bonding strength of the product, improve construction efficiency with a non-stick trowel, reduce water loss, and be environmentally friendly, natural, and pollution-free performance.

This product is yellow powder, which is obtained by chemical modification of guar gum powder, and has many excellent properties.  The water-insoluble and residues are significantly lower than that of guar collagen powder.

It can be used as oilfield water-based fracturing fluid and mud additive, which can effectively reduce the pollution to the formation, and has good high temperature resistance and strong stability.  It is suitable for oil exploration and mining, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, textiles, blasting and other fields.

Hydroxypropyl guar fracturing fluid is a low-damage fracturing fluid, which is suitable for fracturing and stimulating oil layers in low-permeability oilfields at 30 C to 150 C.  Widely used in oilfield fracturing, sand control, and water shutoff operations. 
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