Light Burnt Magnesium Oxide Expansion Agent


Light Burnt Magnesium Oxide Expansion Agent

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Feb. 18, 2022




Light Burnt Magnesia Expansive Agent,Light Burnt Magnesium Oxide Expansion Agent,Concrete expansion agent, MgO expansive agent


Controlling cracking in concrete structures is the key to improving the durability of modern concrete. One of the effective methods to restrain concrete cracking is to prepare shrinkage-compensating concrete with expansion agent.

Compared with calcium oxide and ettringite expansion agents, light-burned magnesium oxide expansion agents have the advantages of less water demand for hydration, moderate expansion speed, long expansion period, delayed micro-expansion characteristics, and stable hydration products. Good adaptation to modern concrete with low water-to-cement ratios to compensate for shrinkage needs.

As a new type of expansion agent, light-burned magnesia expansion agent has gradually attracted attention and application in engineering in recent years. Magnesium oxide expansion agent was the first to be applied in hydraulic engineering, and the anti-cracking technology of concrete structure has remarkable effect.

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