Rubber Modified Asphalt Applied to Asphalt Pavement

Rubber Modified Asphalt Applied to Asphalt Pavement

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Rubber-modified asphalt is a kind of rubber powder made of waste tires, which is added to the base asphalt as a modifier. of high-quality composite materials. It can improve the service life of the road surface, reduce noise, reduce vibration, improve thermal stability and thermal cracking, and improve icing resistance.

The waste tires are added to the asphalt to prepare rubber-modified asphalt.
Rubber asphalt mixture has the advantages of high bearing capacity, crack resistance, fatigue resistance, low temperature crack resistance, anti-aging and pavement mute. At the same time, the utilization of waste tires is conducive to saving resources and following the concept of environmental protection.

In order to make the waste tire rubber powder and asphalt more fully miscible, so that its performance is more stable, it is necessary to add other additives to the modified asphalt and rubber powder.

Eucommia Ulmoides gum can promote the desulfurization and degradation of rubber powder; sulfur can improve the thermal storage stability of modified asphalt. The combination of the two can significantly improve its fatigue life. Make the rubber asphalt mixture have more excellent pavement performance.

Performance advantage
It can comprehensively improve the elastic-plastic performance, anti-rutting performance, anti-fatigue performance and anti-aging performance of the mixture.
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