Sludge solidifying agent An Introduction to building materials

Sludge solidifying agent An Introduction to building materials

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Sludge curing agent, also known as sludge curing agent, is a universal inorganic salt compound.

It is used for dehydration, drying and solidification treatment of various muds, oil field mud cuttings, river and lake pond mud, domestic municipal mud, piling mud, tunnel construction mud, etc.), which can achieve sludge reduction, high-strength solidification and waterproofing. Effect.

Main composition
Cement, blast furnace powder, fly ash, etc.

Sludge curing agent can improve the unconfined compressive strength of soil, increase its hardness and waterproof effect;
Improve soil pollution, remove sludge odor, solidify heavy metals, reduce COD, and turn various sludges into reusable soil or soil for planting.

The curing time is short and the forming is fast. The sludge curing agent reacts with the moisture in the mud, which can make the sludge with a moisture content of about 80% thicken quickly and lose its fluidity after adding. Drying can accelerate the evaporation of water and speed up drying. Dehydration speed. After adding, the water loss rate can be accelerated in the natural state, and the requirements can be met without using drying equipment. If a small amount of drying agent is added when drying equipment is used, the processing speed can be greatly accelerated and the heat consumption can be reduced.
Universal, inorganic non-metallic curing agent, universal to the corresponding material.
The cost is low and the amount of addition is small, generally about 5% of the sludge.
High compressive strength, adding sludge curing agent in the process of sludge treatment can accelerate the volatilization of water and increase the overall strength of the sludge. , and the solidified sludge can also be directly used for road construction as sub-base, base, road, etc.
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