Zeolite Porous Concrete


Zeolite Porous Concrete



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Zeolite porous concrete is made by mixing and stirring natural zeolite, cementitious material, water reducing agent, etc. in different proportions.


Advantages of Porous Concrete

The loose and porous structure has good planting and purification performance; it can accommodate the growth of the meridian, and the plant root system can extend inside the concrete. In addition, the porous structure can also form a good filtration, adsorption and water purification.

natural zeolite

Porous aluminosilicate crystals with a skeleton-like structure have efficient physical adsorption properties and ion exchange properties, and have a good purification effect on sewage.


Zeolite porous concrete is a new type of ecological building material that adapts to social development. Its advantages are mainly reflected in environmental protection, water purification and ecological restoration. It can be used as a new type of ecological concrete material.

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