Asphalt Joint Repair Tape

Asphalt Joint Repair Tape details

Asphalt pavement jointing tape
Asphalt pavement crack repair belt
Pavement crack adhesive tape
Asphalt Joint Tape
Asphalt Joint Repair Tape

Asphalt pavement joint tape is self-adhesive and convenient for construction. After removing the isolation film, it is directly bonded to the cracks. After the use of small compaction equipment to stabilize the pressure, the bonding with the road surface is firmer without shifting, which can meet the upper asphalt mixture Paving construction requirements. Attaching the seam tape to the cracked or peeled asphalt concrete surface can reduce and block the temperature shrinkage stress acting on the pavement, so it also reduces the tendency of cracks to reflect through the surface layer. Paving and pavement because it connects the base layer and the upper layer The wearing layer is isolated, so that the upper layer is protected from multi-directional displacement and shear stress. It is used for highways, bridges, and airports. Water-proof and anti-seepage effect.

The joint tape used in the asphalt pavement layer can effectively inhibit the upward transmission of cracks, and play the anti-cracking effect and energy absorption effect of the joint tape in the actual project.

Asphalt pavement jointing tape is a rolling type crack barrier waterproof membrane with a thickness of about 2-2.5mm. It is mainly used to treat pavement cracks. The pavement seam tape can be directly laid on the pavement cracks to seal and waterproof, prevent the spread of pavement cracks, and avoid premature damage to the pavement.

Because the seam tape material has good stability and high tensile strength, and it has a strong adhesion force, it is completely integrated with the road surface, effectively preventing the expansion of cracks and the intrusion of rainwater, thus reducing the damage of the road surface. Extend the service life of the road surface.

The structure and characteristics of the seam tape
The main structure of the seam tape is divided into four layers, from the bottom to the bottom are: 1. High bonding material layer, 2. High elastic polyester layer, 3. Polymer and elastic material layer, 4. Tearing resistant imported non-woven fabric Or flexible polyethylene layer. The four layers of materials play different roles. The four layers are combined. The layers play an excellent bonding role to prevent the formation of gaps between the material and the road surface and water ingress. The second layer plays a role of cracks that appear wide and narrow under the effect of temperature. It plays the role of skeleton and elastic recovery when it changes, which is equivalent to the steel stranded wire in the hollow slab, but this layer of material has a certain degree of elasticity while having strength. The third layer is made of polymer material, which not only has excellent high and low temperature performance, but also has good elasticity. It is the main functional layer. The fourth layer is covered with imported tear-resistant non-woven fabric according to customer requirements, which can reduce the friction coefficient of the road surface caused by the seam and at the same time stabilize the material movement or friction loss by the wheel. It can also be covered with a flexible polyethylene layer.

Asphalt pavement joint tape is self-adhesive and convenient for construction. After removing the isolation film, it is directly bonded to the cracks.

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