The Application of Calcium Carbonate Whisker in Concrete

The Application of Calcium Carbonate Whisker in Concrete

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Calcium carbonate whiskers are one of the three crystal forms of calcium carbonate, with the characteristics of stable friction performance, high mechanical strength, and good thermal decline and thermal recovery performance. It is a new type of inorganic filler material with good application prospect.

Calcium carbonate whisker is a new type of inorganic filling, non-toxic, odorless, white canopy pine-shaped solid (needle-shaped single crystal under the microscope). Beker is a new compound with excellent mechanical properties.

Calcium carbonate whisker has many advantages, such as high inorganic whisker strength, high elastic modulus, which can also play its toughening and enhancing effect more effectively.

Calcium carbonate whisker can also be used as coating adhesive, can greatly improve the viscosity of coating, increase touch denaturation. Calcium carbonate crystals are well dispersed in silicon solvent and benzene propylene emulsion, protected by the matrix, and the fracture phenomenon is rare. Complete calcium carbonate crystals can play the role of skeleton, and better play its excellent mechanical properties.

Calcium carbonate whiskers is an economical and environmentally friendly microfiber that can be used to enhance concrete materials.
Calcium carbonate whiskers can effectively provide the compressive strength, thermal insulation performance, compressive strength of foam concrete, can achieve the toughness, anti-cracking effect.
Calcium carbonate whiskers can be used as toughened materials in ECC (Engineered Cementitious Composites) concrete materials.
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